Slim Pickins

Slim Pickins will be staged out of Ohio Pyle, PA the weekend of November 16 and 17.

There are several options available for runners.

There is the familiar “Gate 2 8 x 2″ 50K Challenge.  The run begins at Mile Zero, in Ohiopyle, and you run to Mile Marker 8, turn around and run back to Zero.  Then repeat.  o3rd hill

This is a 50K effort for both laps.  Water is available at Mile Six at the Shelters.

Kimba is willing to provide shuttle service for runners who would like to run a 50K starting at Mile 31 on the Laurel Highlands Trail.  The runner would go from Mile 31 back to Zero, ending in Ohio Pyle.  You would need to carry your aid.  Water would be available on the Laurel Highlands Trail at mile 26 (Seven Springs) and Mile Six (Mile Six shelters.)

OR, since this is a Fat Ass, you can do whatever you like. Run a few miles on the Laurel Highlands Trail, the Baughman Trail, the Ferncliff Trails.





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