Monkey Hill Marathon


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The Monkey Trail is a very hilly section on the YUTC 50K course in Mill Creeek Park (Youngstown, Ohio). The north end is a “T” intersection just south of Pot Smoker’s Corner.   The route involves three hills, taking you up & down, up over the Love Log, down Pinball Ridge, and eventually at the south end at a paved park road at the bottom of Idora Park hill.
All Credit for this stupidity belongs to Mike Dobies.

Monkey Hill Marathon Stats
The distance of each out-and-back lap is 5,036 ft. (.95 mile)
452 feet of gain per lap x 29 laps = 13,108 ft. of gain
29 laps are needed to complete the challenge
To date, we have 9 finishes by 7 individual finishers.
Who will get Finish #10?

To complete this challenge, you must Start & Finish the MHM on either
the day of URINEO or the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

December 19, 2015
Jon Crays – 8:34

December 20, 2014
Paul Lefelhocz – 9:58
2014 The King spanking the monkey

December, 2013
Jonathan Bolha – (shirtless)

December 28, 2011
Jonathan Bolha – 8:15 (plus 3 extra laps)
Jim Harris – 8:25 (plus 3 extra laps)
Bob Combs – 9:26 (plus 1/2 extra lap)
Kim Love*Ottobre – 10:33

December 17, 2011
Rich Vrboncic – 9:43 (plus 1 extra lap) – Splits

December 5, 2009
Jim Harris – 7:40

The data on this page is incomplete.  Please send any runners who need to be added to this list to Jim Harris or Kim Love*Ottobre.

The red arrow on the map below points to the Red circle with a yellow P in it, that is the location of the parking lot that everybody uses for the MHM.

Monkey Hill Parking Location

Here is a rough map of the course.
Monkey Hill Marathon Route

Here is a view of the north end of the course with the route highlighted in red.
North End of MHM Bottom View with directions

Here is a view of the south end of the course with the route highlighted in red.
South end of MHM bottom view with directions

Monkey on a tree

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