Ledges Trail “LT” Challenge

This challenge is credited to Lloyd Thomas, who came up with the LT challenge.

Map of the trail here.

This page lists all runners who have completed 18 loops of the 1.75 mile Ledges Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This challenge is open for anyone to take on throughout the year.
“L-T (Ledges Trail) Challenge” 50K Finishers

August 14, 2012
Dan Bellinger- 6 hrs, 44 min

August 11, 2012
Kim Love-Ottobre- 7 hrs, 57 min

July 22, 2012
Ray Bovaird- 5 hrs, 54 min

April 29, 2012
Courtney Russell- 6 hrs, 48 min

April 1, 2012
Todd Hanks- 7 hrs, 30 min
Jim Harris- 7 hrs, 30 min

March 17, 2012
Jeff Musick- 5 hrs, 46 min (FKT)

March 11, 2012
Brian Musick- 7 hrs, 58 min

If you want a great story, for those who know Coach Hanks you should ask him about his 2nd attempt at this challenge.


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