May 23, 2013 admin News

Rocks. There were rocks. Lots of them. Many of us were kicking them around for the nth time, and some were kicking them around for the first time.

First time MMT Finisher Desiree Cowie, finishing in 33.46:

Slim finished in 27.26

Climb out of Veach Gap, photo by Aaron Schwartbard

 Kimba PR’d her run in 30.37

Bob Combs finished MMT # 11 in 34.25 


Old Man Roy Heger came in  32.47

Paul Lefelhocz finished in 31.27

Billy quit but this sure was a cute photo:

Wild Bill, Glen Cowie, Moose, and Allison Holko of NEO TC were also out supporting the runners to get them to the finish line:


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