Runs With Scissors

October 31, 2012 admin News

It was another beautiful fall day for the Annual Runs With Scissors Marathon and Double Marathon.¬† The nice sunny 70 degree days took an abrupt turn for the typical race weather of the 40’s. Cold¬† rain added a nice touch to this years event.

Race Directors Shannon Fisher and Roy Heger did a great job once again, with many volunteers taking care of the runners on this cold NEO day.

Double Marathon:

Paul Lefelhocz 12.43
Des Cowie 12.44
Mike Kazar 13.38

George Themlis 4.08
Courtney Baker 5.56
Will Bill Wagner 6.09
Tara Schweitzer 6.09

Heidi Finiff 1.03
Glenn Cowie 1.06
Laura Bell 1.14

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