Ten Years of The Stone Steps and Billy Bob

October 30, 2012 admin News

 It is the ten year anniversary of the Stone Steps 50K.  In the first nine years,  the race  has donated over $5000 to the Cincinnati Park Board.

Stone Steps 50k is held in Mt. Airy Forest,  just a couple miles from beautiful downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Mt. Airy Forest is near I-75 and I-74 off of Colerain Avenue.

Ten years of Billy at Stone Steps:

Bill 31 6.14.05

Bill 32 6.58.05

Bill 33 5.55.05

Bill 34 5.25.13

Bill 35 5.30.50

Bill 36 5.33.13

Bill 37 5.20.43

Bill 38 6.40.23 

Bill 39 5.57.13

Bill 40 6.15.41

Nice work!

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