Akron Marathon

September 30, 2012 admin News

Congrats to all who came out for the 10th Running of the Akron Marathon.

NEO TC Finishers were:

1/2 Marathon

The Admiral and Mrs Admiral ran the 1/2 Marathon together, a PR for her (CONGRATS): 2.25


Dave Peterman has not slowed down since the Grand Slam, finishing in 3.14.40

LT was again pacing this year, the 3.35 group, he nailed his time in 3.34.21

George Themelis must have been hanging with LT, as he finished in 3.34.27

Amie Murphy smiled her way in, as always, in 4.08.15

Dan Bellinger completed the marathon in 4.14.41

Elizabeth Sosan was not far behind in 4.29

Cousin Tim Knapp finished in 4.39.51

Mike Kazar crossed the finish line in 5.25

Two special shout outs:

TJ Hawk is a legacy runner and has now completed all ten years of the Akron Marathon, finishing in 3.47

Kelli Rushton completed her FIRST MARATHON, finishing up in 4.56.  Welcome to the Club, Kelli!

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