North Country Trail Races

August 27, 2012 admin News

A few of the NEO TC members took a long trip up to Manistee, Michigan, to participate in the 13th year of the North Country Trail Races.

They were hoping for a bit of cooler weather, being in almost northern Michigan, but alas, it was the same as being at home in Ohio-race day was typical summer, high of 89, about corresponding  humidity.

Julie Bowen Miller finished the marathon in 6 hours 49 minutes.

Kimba finished the 50 mile distance in 12 hours 16 minutes.   Her race report is here.

There was a 1/2 marathon, marathon, and 50 mile distance at this event.  The course was very runner friendly, consisting of mostly non-technical, sandy, runnable single track.  Very well organized race and nice aid stations only 3 to 4 miles apart. 

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