Burning River Results

July 29, 2012 admin News

Congratulations to all the runners who participated in this year’s Burning River 100.  There were a few NEO TC members running, many more were supporting, both working Aid Stations, pacing, and just cheering on runners.

George Themelis had a stellar BR performance, finishing in 20:50, 25th overall, 2nd Grandmasters.

Eric Deutsch has now 75% of the Midwest Slam completed, finishing in 22:58.

Paul “The King” Lefelhocz had just a short run on the weekend, only 100 miles.  He finished in 27.47, just after finishing second at Vol State one week ago.

Mark Anson also had a good day at Burning River, completing his work in 29.15.

Nice work all.

Rest up and see you in Mill Creek Park Saturday!

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