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April 27, 2012 admin News

After the Fools Run, some of us were out on a trail run and running our mouths as usual.
Some of us thought that ending the 50K with Salt Run was cruel and unusual punishment.
And the subject of new challenges for NEOTC came up.
What is better than ending a 50K with the hills of Salt Run?

Having the whole 50K on Salt Run!

So as usual when a stupid and pointless run is thrown out there, Jim Harris is ready to step up to the task to see if it can be done.

On April 19th Jim set out at 6:30 AM and started running laps on the Salt Run Trail.

Just after 1:00 PM he was done and completed the first running of the latest NEOTC Challenge.

Here are his splits for the day, in case you are contemplating this run and looking for data.

Lap 1   –  35:13     0:35:31
Lap 2   –  35:31     1:10:44
Lap 3   –  35:25     1:46:09
Lap 4   –  36:15     2:22:24
Lap 5   –  38:02     3:00:27
Lap 6   –  38:50     3:39:18
Lap 7   –  38:42     4:18:00
Lap 8   –  42:56     5:00:57
Lap 9   –  43:14     5:44:11
Lap 10 –  42:41     6:26:53
The trail is reported to be a little short of advertised distance and best guesstimate is that it is only a 5K around the loop.
If anyone else steps up to this challenge, please e-mail your time to Brian Musick and we will get a page going for the challenge.

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