February, 2012

Pics from Virginia

February 4, 2012 admin News

Somewhere on trail Kimba at some intersection Climbing up Big Bald Knob Top of Big Bald Knob Trail on top of Little Bald Knob Trail on Little Bald Knob View on Little Bald Knob More View Slim on Grindstone Mtn


Rocky Raccoon 100

February 3, 2012 admin News

Saturday morning the Rocky Raccoon 100 starts.Bob Combs will be toeing the line looking to see what 6 months of living at attitude will do for him Here is the link for live results.RR100


Dirty Dog 10K+

February 2, 2012 admin News

The run is this Saturday. Will be a very wet and sloppy run.


Arrowhead 135

February 1, 2012 admin News

With 135 miles worth of trail, the Arrowhead 135 is a tough race.Monday morning at 7:04 the race started.Today, Wednesday, there are still people out there heading for the finish line. Results here.


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