Cam Baker Completes the Double Direction Ring

February 29, 2012 admin News

Congratulations to Cam Baker. Cam became the first person to complete a Double Direction Ring, finishing both the clockwise and counterclockwise direction of the Massanutten Trail. Cam also posted the FKT for a double, besting Ryan Henry’s old record of 52 hours. (Ryan ran two loops, but both in the clockwise direction.)


Cam’s finishing time was 51 hours 25 minutes 30 seconds.

 The weather on Friday was excellent, sunshine and temperature around sixty degrees, with some rain in the afternoon.

Jim Harris ran the Ring (clockwise) with Cam on Friday.  There were two crewed stops by Kimba Love*Ottobre, at Camp Roosevelt and Moreland Gap.  Kimba also dropped aid at Edinburg Gap and Woodstock for their overnite aid stops.

Jim Harris Cam Baker at Moreland Gap
Cam looking good, just 100 miles to go

Jim and Cam completed The Ring, finishing in the Signal Knob parking lot at 247 AM. Cam then regrouped and turned around, heading up Signal Knob by himself. Jim would sleep and then crew for Cam around the course for the rest of the RR.

There was a considerable change in the weather from Friday to Saturday. The cold front moved in, dropping the temperatures, with a sustained wind all day.  

Snow squall on Signal Knob

With the Reverse Ring beginning at 6 AM, Cam would be able to utilize some of the Aid Stations that were supporting the runners and have some companionship out there on the trail.

Cam at Woodstock

The winds never relented, and it was cold out on the trail.   Cam did pick up Jeff Gura as a companion as he left Camp Roosevelt, for the 25 mile final push, but Jeff had to go on as Cam did take a 30 minute nap.

Cam’s 30 minute nap allowed Kimba, the last runner on the course, to catch up to Cam, and she paced him into his finish.

The first thing Cam did after finishing was to sit down and take off his shoes. 

Jim and Cam with Marty McFly. They had run into Marty on Friday, on the Eastern Ridge. Marty was just finishing his hike and he got to witness Cam’s historic run.

NEO TC Kim Cam Jim

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