Jim Harris Finishes The Wild Oak Trail

February 12, 2012 admin News

Jim Harris joins a very small club of individuals who managed to run 4 loops of The Wild Oak Trail in Virginia, February 10-11.  This is 104 miles.

Mile 90. Coming off trail from Big Bald Knob Mtn

Best pic to sum up 90 miles of TWOT

Jim at Mile 90; 19 degrees and 25 MPH winds

Jim and Eva Pastalkova
Jim and Eva Pastalkova, at his finish.  Eva ran Jim back in to his finish

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One response to “Jim Harris Finishes The Wild Oak Trail”

  • Slim says:

    Thanks for all you did for me to help me get this finish.
    With you crewing the last loop it was in the bag.
    Appreciate you being there for me.
    Eva was a slave driver to get me over Hankey.
    She saved me a lot of walking at the end.
    Great and Epic weekend.
    Always fun in VA.

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