Dirty Dog 10K+

February 4, 2012 admin News

NEOTC went 1-2 at the 6th annual Dirty Dog 10K+ on Saturday, February 4th.
Eric Harris won the race in a time of 41:19.
He was chased by Todd Hanks who was 2nd with a time of 43:22.
Also participating from NEOTC was Pat Dillon in 47:38, Robert Clark in 56:42, and Barefoot Johnny Onder in 1:10:41.
Newest NEOTC member Richard Ellison who joined the morning of the race finished with a 1:11:24 effort.
Special thanks to Joe Novicky for sweeping the course, and Moose pushed at the end to get his last runner in under the 2 hour mark.
Moose finished as the designated last place finisher with a time of 1:59:26.

The course was wet and muddy, but times were not much slower than in years past.
Afterwards the NEOTC race tear down crew had a little issue with the Rhino.
Pics as promised.

Here is the first picture where we got the Rhino stuck.

This muck was deep and stinky.

This is closer view to show how much muck we were in.
The Rhino was almost floating on it’s skid plate.

Here are the 5 tow straps hooked together to reach an anchor point for the winch.
It was a good Lesson in Physics for Baby Sasquatch.

This shot shows the rut we had to drag the Rhino through to get it past the swamp where we were stuck
Do I need to mention how much this mud stank!

This is the after shoot once we made it back to the parking lot.

Second Vehicle recovery for NEOTC that I am aware of.
Can’t wait to see how severe the next one will be.

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