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January 22, 2012 admin News

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She Runs: More Firsts
It’s true….I have self disclaimed that I am not happy to get up and do anything, especially go run in 12 degree cold weather and snow. But, I got out there and it was another day of firsts for me.

I have never run in temps as cold as it was this morning. But, once we met up with 180 people all ready to get out there and get it done, I was in a much better mood about not being in my bed.

This would be my first official race on the trails. We started out across a field of deep snow. The air was so cold against my face, I immediately thought I would probably end the race with frostbite. Having been married to an accomplished runner, one would think I would know how to dress for this weather. I don’t. Or maybe I was just in denial that I would actually get out of the car. I only wore my insulated tights and insulated hoodie. I had a hat and a pair of gloves. That was it. Fortunately, I had taken my winter coat to put on after the race, so I wore that to run in as well.

After we made our way across the snowy field, we eventually entered the woods and were on the trails. The trails were snow covered and frozen. This was a dream to me. I have yet to run on any trails that weren’t muddy and flooded with small ponds. Other than being really cold, I felt good.

We ran with other runners in front and behind us. They were catching up on their lives since the last time they had been together on the trails. I just kept to myself. I like to entertain the thoughts in my own head. But the conversations around me were pretty interesting! He, now known as my “sherpa” was at my side the entire time. Eventually the crowd would thin out and we would have the trails mostly to ourselves. Just the way we like it.

As we made our way into the first aid station, I asked Him how far we had gone. I was feeling really good and was surprised to hear we had just finished six miles. Woohoo! We spent a few minutes at the aid station. I ate a cup of Ramen noodles and drank a small cup of Heed. We “took care of business” and then headed back out.

By this point I was completely numb. The only thing that was warm were my hands, and my gloves were in my pockets. I have found that my hands stay warmer sans gloves.

The next seven miles were much the same as the first six. The only difference was we passed the 50K runners who were lapping us in their upper teen miles. But, I voyaged on. My nose was running like a faucet and I was starting to get tired around mile eleven. This was the spot He wanted to stop for a photo of the two of us on a bench. This is a picture He takes every year. Now I am a part of it.

The race ended with a steep uphill and a finish across the snow covered field. I finished the race with a total of 13.4 miles. Again, another first for my farthest distance run. Our time was 3:20.

And with that, I am happy!

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