Pittsburgh Recover from the Holidays FA

January 10, 2012 admin News

Rick Freeman and Company have a great annual event down south of Pittsburgh in Upper Saint Clair.
The RftH FA is held in Boyce Mayview Park, and the trails are always beautiful as well as the standard camraderie shared on the trail.

Usually this event is a cold, windy, sufferfest, which pleases RD Rick Freeman to no end.(he is not happy if no one is whining) But with the mild temps it felt like a spring day, and some even commented on hearing the tweety birds at the start. There was a bit of mud here and there, but overall conditions have never been better for this event.

Chris Kalie, Cam Baker, Rich Vrboncic, Eric Deutsch, and Jim Harris, along with RD Rick Freeman were all able to toe the line for the start and get at least one loop in for the day.
Lots of local onelooperz came and went in the morning, but there were a few who started early and several who finished late.
(you know when the moon sets and then rises again on the same run you got your money’s worth)
All told NEOTC members got in 17 loops on a route of mostly all trail.

If you enjoy a low key, casual event, then save your first Saturday of 2013 and make the trek over to PA for a great run.

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