MHM Race Report Jonathan Bolha

December 30, 2011 admin News

I wasn’t really sure how i would do in the MHM, but i know i love running and hiking up mountains and this would almost be a mixture of both.  I ended up getting spoiled with some snow too.  I began going at a good pace with Erin, but realized i like to walk faster up the hills so i went ahead after a few laps.

  I liked how there were lots of us out there and we got to cheer each other on as we passed by every lap.  I also liked not having to carry water since i have access to it twice every mile.  My garmin died after about 23 laps, so i spent some time looking for another watch in the car.  It was my fault as i forgot to charge it the night before.

I enjoyed getting to talk to most everyone a bit about some of their running experiences or plans for the upcoming year.  I don’t have any 100s planned yet but I would be up for trying one someday, probably after i have a couple more 50s under my belt.

  I never really hit the wall either until i began my 33rd lap then decided i had enough.  My 29th lap, i ended up standing around and talking to Lenny and Kelly for a few minutes not realizing that this was a timed event.  I made up for it by running the 30th lap harder than the rest.  30 was my goal anyways, so i was glad to have fun that one the fastest.  I slowed down for sure for a few near the end to more of a comfortable pace.  My feet actually hurt a bit after 25 laps and i thought about switching shoes but then someone they felt better and i forgot about them. 

In conclusion:  I enjoyed this event much more than i thought i would.  Going out and back 30 times up the toughest trails in mill creek wouldn’t have sounded like much fun last year but to no surprise i just loved it!  Thanks for letting me participate with you on such a unique and crazy event.  I’ve learned quite a bit and know there’s still much to learn,


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