The Monkey Hills Pics

December 29, 2011 admin News

Race day dawned, cold. About 30 degrees.

Scoobi and Gombu once the sun had come up. We started the race at 6am.

Conditions were greasy on the first three or four loops. Then it began to snow, and the temperature dropped. This helped the footing on the hills.

Slim on the trail

Gombu heading uphill on the north end.

The Monkeys! Aid was staged out of the Happy Hill Aid Station.

Bob Combs and Dan Kuzma heading out of the HH AS.

Dan Kuzma, Kimba, Erin Schumacher.  She is really not that short.

The Maheau Family joined us after a few hours.

Ultra Kellie looking cool!

Audrey did the most running out of everyone on the trail. She made it look easy.

Lenny coming through! Look out!!!

Trail got a bit congested in the afternoon.  Showing proper etiquette for the downhill runner.

More trail support for Slim.

First female. Also DFL.

We sent our splits to our data analyst, who promptly gave results:

Times and race reports forthcoming.

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