King of the Miles-Paul Lefelhocz

December 27, 2011 admin News

The dust and dirt has now settled from NEO TC “King of the Miles” 2011 contest, and one person ran away with the clear title of King of the Hill Miles.

That would be Paul Lefelhocz, who ran, in “races” 1085.2 miles.  These were all ultra events, including 8 100 mile-or longer-events for Paul.  Out of his 100 mile-or longer-races, Paul finished 4 of 8, a good 50% finish rate.  It should be noted that one of his 100 mile races was The Barkley Marathons. 

His longest race was the Last Annual Vol State Race, 314 miles across the state of Tennessee.

A comparison on what a huge accomplishment this is:

Trail Runner Magazine also holds a Trail Running Trophy Series Contest, with a point structure far more convoluted that the Rules Committee KOTM contests.  Their 2011 series has concluded.
In a contest, which is open to runners all over the North American continent (that means Canada too), their Mile  Mogul winners were only able to cover 677.4 (for males) and 429.5 (for females).  Paul almost beat their combined mileage!!

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