Mike Keller Race Report East Port of Spain 10k – 18DEC2011

December 26, 2011 admin News

The pressure was on me, from me. I PR’d in the 10k last weekend and felt like I could PR again, with this Sunday’s race starting earlier (630am) and being cooler. I did take note that the humidity is actually HIGHER in the morning though as the air temp is cooler, so I expected it to be a struggle to PR if I even could.

This race was a great deal at just 5 dollars US! I reminded myself of that before I got carried away with any disappointment in the race…the only two things that even irked me were the 32 minutes late start (due to the assigned police officers all showing up late) and there were less water stops than I was told. (3 vs. 4) Still…FIVE dollars!

Once we started it was two laps around Memorial park (1.6 km) and then one lap around the larger, adjacent Queen’s Park Savannah (beautiful!) before entering city neighborhood streets for the last 5.5 km or so. The humidity showed early and I was drenched by only 3km in or so, holding a nice early pace of about 5:00 per km…I didn’t think this would hold throughout though.

The sun and heat were killing me (715 am here) already by 5km and once we entered the neighborhoods I found more downhill segments, and much more shade and got a few kms of relief. Soon I was just hot and working hard again though, and I began the second half job of walking down runner after runner. A few obliged just as I reached them and switched to a walk, making me blow by them. A few put on a spurt, only to die out minutes later and have me pass them. Down the home stretch, I could literally see the finish line when the urge arrived too strong to deny.

I always said I wanted to be able to puke on the run, without stopping or breaking stride, because then I would be so tough. For now, I am not. I found I instinctively HAD to pull over, and after three strong dry heaves, I hurled three more good wet pukes to the hot sidewalk. A few hard spits for good measure, and I raised my head to find three guys I had passed in the last kilometer had snuck by while I tossed chunks.

Well, that just gave me the chance to pass them AGAIN! Two of them anyhow.

I bore down, hit the pavement hard and passed two of them again to hit the finish line in 52:12, another new PR (notably in my Forget the PR tshirt, always a special added bonus.) As soon as I crossed the timing mat, I pulled over to a spot away from the chute and broke another PR right there. TEN more vomits. (yes I am stupid enough to count.) A total of 13 Vomits in the last half km broke my previous PR of 10 vomits just after the Lake Chelan (WA) marathon! Who gets to set two PR’s all within the same few minutes!!! Only a true NEO Trail member in my opinion!

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