9th Annual Firefighters Frozen 5K

December 11, 2011 admin News

Several NEOTC participants toed the line for a non trail event on Saturday Morning, the 10th of December.
The McKinley Heights Fire Department have put on a small local 5K for the past 8 years, and they also have a 1 mile fun run as well at this event.
They had record numbers this year with over 200 finishers in the 5K.
Baby Sasquatch has toed the line for every race over the past 8 years, and was happy to fit the race in again this year for his 9th finish at this event.
Joining him to represent NEOTC was Slim and Coach Hanks.

Baby Sasquatch made top ten with a 17:54 effort.
Coach Hanks had the pleasure of chasing his younger brother for the entire distance, but was not able to close and pass him at the end with a 18:57 effort, just 7 seconds behind the younger Hanks.
Slim had a front seat to the battle between siblings, which was one sided as far as the running went, but the trash talking was in full bore up to about the half mile point when the effort to maintain pace became too much to also verbalize any longer.
Slim trailed Coach Hanks into the finish with a 19:08 effort.

Good day of racing with all NEOTC representatives placing in their age groups.

Full Results are here.

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