Slim Pickins’ 2011 Results

November 21, 2011 admin News

Global Warming hit SP2011 hard this year.

Many were running in t-shirts and shorts.

We were worried when we saw quite a few hunters in the morning that this might have been the last SP on the Laurel Trail, but as the day wore on they all disappeared and it was just the NEOTC crowd and a handful of hikers left in the afternoon.

With the perfect weather conditions, Lloyd Thomas out at mile marker six with water and moral support, and the promise of a sweep by Kimba and Slim, there was no reason not to finish the Gate28X2 distance this year.

We listed everyone below who participated this year, if you don’t like the comments, complain to Management.

Here are the results from the day’s activities.

Cam Baker – 7:35:56 New OP50K FKT
Rich Vrboncic – 9:13 Despite perfect conditions, this was Rich’s slowest time ever for this course
Chris D – 9:25 Web footed aquatics expert aces NEOTC debute
King Lefelhocz – 10:38 “Fairly Normal” event for the King
Kimba Love*Ottobre – 9:55 Earns * for first Female ever to finish OP50K
Jim Harris – 9:55 Kept looking for excuses to get more trail time
Jeff Musick – 11:12 DQ for leaving equipment on course
Brian Musick – 11:12 DQ for leaving equipment on course

Now on to the DNFs for the day.
Eric Deutsch – 22 miles Couldn’t get finish despite bringing friend to hold his hand
Bill Thompson – 22 miles Followed Deutsch to DNF
Jamie Musick – 22 miles Couldn’t chick the Musick Boyzzz
Chrsi Kalie – 22 miles Only Ultra Runner who never heard of Dean Karnazes
Bruce McMoose – 16+ Couldn’t get what he wanted, but got what he needed
Wild Bill – 16 miles That’s all he had
Tara S – 16 miles Pep talk by Slim bounced off her and stuck to Slim
Eric Harris – 16 miles Decided couch time was better than trail time
Allison Holko – 14 miles Should have stayed on trail instead of watching her team lose to Penn State
Rick Freeman – DNS Weather not epic enough to bother to show up

Special Kudos to LT for being an enabler for the day.

He hiked out to mile marker 6 with 200 ounces of water and spent the entire day lounging in the woods.
His effort for the day netted over 16 miles.
But his support for the day let Event Management rest easier knowing he was out there supporting the runners and for that we owe him our gratitude.

Plans are already under way for SP2012.
For those who participated, please feel free to offer suggestions for improvement.
For those who didn’t make it to toe the line, your loss.

Changes to the qualification requirement for participation to Slim Pickins’ will be different for next year.
Look to the SP web page for more details to be posted soon.

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