Slim Pickins 2011

November 20, 2011 admin News

Least epic weather ever led to 18 starters for the 6th Annual Slim Pickins.
The stated goal was the Ohiopyle 50K, also known as the “Gate to Eight x 2”. (GATE28X2)
8 runners finished the OP 50K, more details to follow on that and more Slim Pickins chat.

Cam Baker, Kimba, and Baby Sasquatch Eric Harris.  Cam is coming down Big Hill at Mile 6, and Kimba and Eric are climbing it.
Allison about mile 7
Chris, her first time on the Laurel Highlands Trail
Jeff Musick, Kimba, Eric at the overlook around mile 7.5

Bruce McMoose Murray, Jeff, Kimba, Tara, and Wild Bill around mile 8

Jeff and Wild Bill at the turnaround.  You think they would be more happy.

The King-Paul Lefelhocz-and Slim

The Professor-Rich Vriboncic, and Slim, on the Big Hill (Mile 6)

The Musick Brothers-Brian and Jeff, on their way to Mile 8 for the second time

Rich Vriboncic
Pebble at the Overlook

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