Weekend Race Recap

October 14, 2011 admin Races

Weekend Race Recap

There were numerous finishes at The Oil Creek Races held Oct 8 & 9th.

100 Mile Finishers:

Jim Harris 22.55
Eric Deutsch 24.14
Bob Combs 27.44
Brian Musick 31.11

100K Finishers

Cam Baker 12.35-also Cam was third place finisher! Nice work.
Mark Anson 16.38

50K Finishers

Chris Kalie 8.04
Gale Connor 9.18

The Towpath Marathon was also on October 9.  There were NEO TC members completing the marathon:

Ron Ross 3.30
Brandon Russell 3.50
Courtney Russell 4.01
Roy Heger 4.05
Mike Halkovich 4.42

Well done everyone!

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