Akron Marathon Results

September 25, 2011 admin News

Although these NEO TC members just ran  YUTC the week before, they also completed the Akron Marathon.

Nice going, guys!
Dave Peterman 3.15.55
Lloyd Thomas 3.24.51
Ron Ross 3.24.32
TJ Hawk  3:48:07

Tim Knapp 4.30.12
Kurt Osadchuk 4.40.10

Rick Freeman 3.54.08
Didn’t run, but worked aid at the Covered Bridge.

Faceplant worried about getting chicked.
Bonus points for wearing a YUTC shirt.

After running (and Winning) the YUTC 25K, LT worked the Log Cabin Aid Station.
Here he is not only running the marathon, but working while running by pacing the 3:25 group.

All American Hero.

Rick was afraid this pic would get posted of him running pavement.
Looks pretty Guilty, plus the Black and Gold is ugly as all get out.

Cousin Tim, getting his miles and a tour of Akron at the same time.

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