Millcreek Park

September, 2011

Strasburg Res Turn

September 30, 2011 admin News

During the Reverse Ring in Feb 2011.


VA in Feb 2011

September 27, 2011 admin News

Kimba Off-Piste on the Purple Trail, east of Bird Knob Bob and Kimba at the Look Out on Bird Knob


NEW NEOTC Photo Blog

September 27, 2011 admin News

Check out the new NEOTC Photo Blog. If you have a picture to share, please send it to to get it posted.


New NEOTC Photo Section

September 27, 2011 admin News

TO SEND PHOTOS TO JIM HARRIS! We thought sharing pictures would be a great idea.If you have a photo that you would like to see up on the BLOG, please submit it to


Akron Marathon Results

September 25, 2011 admin News

Although these NEO TC members just ran  YUTC the week before, they also completed the Akron Marathon.   Nice going, guys! Dave Peterman 3.15.55 Lloyd Thomas 3.24.51 Ron Ross 3.24.32 TJ Hawk  3:48:07 Tim Knapp 4.30.12Kurt Osadchuk 4.40.10 Rick Freeman 3.54.08Didn’t run, but worked aid at the Covered Bridge. Faceplant worried about getting chicked.Bonus points […]


Wasatch Race Report-Desiree Cowie

September 23, 2011 admin News

I’m not sure why I’ve been putting off writing this race report, maybe I’m nervous of the emotions that it will conjure up as I’m sure one cannot run this race and walk away with no emotional ties. I read a blog the day before that said something along the lines of “Wasatch is a […]


Great Weather Great Race

September 18, 2011 admin News

 Pope Sets New Course Record at YUTC This was the 7th year of the YUTC and another year of picture perfect weather-low of around 60 to start, and high in the 70’s as the day went by. The 2011 YUTC was Race Director Bob Combs last year as the RD-and after the pre-race briefing, he […]


7th Year of the YUTC

September 16, 2011 admin News

This Saturday will be the 7th year of the Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic-usually referred to as “YUTC” (pronounced yut-zee).  Our club race has grown in popularity, with 55 finishers in the first year, in 2005. A 25K race was added in 2008, with 26 finishers.  Compare that to 2010, 76 finishers in the 50K, with […]


Desiree Cowee Finishes the Wasatch 100

September 15, 2011 admin News

Congratulations to NEO TC member Des Cowie, who finished the very tough Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run in 35:40:53. The run stretches from Layton, Utah to The Homestead in Midway, Utah and covers some of the most beautiful scenery the Wasatch Mountains have to offer. There is a cumulative elevation gain of approximately 26,882 […]


Shames Combs Finishes His First Ultra

September 12, 2011 admin News

Congratulations to Shames Combs, who finishes his first ultra, at the Silverton 1000 Mile Challenge. If you have not run a loop timed course; consider it. It is far harder than you think. This is the elevation profile and changes for each one mile loop. Shames finished his ultra, the 48 Hour Challenge,by running 30 […]


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