NEOTC Dominates at the Speece Family Duathlon

August 8, 2011 admin News

Quick report on the Speece Duathlon.
Eric Harris wins the duathlon with a come from behind effort on the 2nd run.
Eric was also the fastest on both runs.
Todd Hanks dominates the bike portion.
Following is the list of the NEOTC effort at the Duathlon.
1st place  –  Eric Harris   1:01:14
2nd place –  Jim Harris    1:02:48
3rd place –  Todd Hanks 1:03:16
4th place  –  Pat Dillon     1:08:36

Great event and one that many of us are looking ahead to next year to compete again at the Speece Venue.
Should have the Triathlon back next year is the latest word from the event organization.

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