Burning River 100

August 2, 2011 admin News

Congratulations to all who participated in the Burning River 100 Mile. And big THANK YOU to the many many volunteers who gave up their weekend to support the runners!!

There were some great performances by NEO TC members:

Courtney Russell 25.38.54

Roy Heger 25.38.59

Paul Lefelhocz 27.16.43

Ron Ross 28.51.06

Kurt Osadchuck 28.36.27

The 100 mile distance of the past weekend must have seemed ‘short’ for Paul Lefelhocz, who earlier in the month completed the 314 distance of the Vol State Race.  The other participants in the “King of the Miles” contest should be relieved that July is over and Paul can’t add any more miles for the month!

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