Buckeye Trail 50K Race Report

July 19, 2011 admin News

As reported by Joe “Moose” Novicky:

The BT50k was the best long run I have had since Umstead 2009.

It was not fast for me but very fun and considering I survived the heat I am pumped.

The re-vamped oak grove picnic area has tons of parking and there was no problem getting a spot to park. Maybe the only issue with the larger crowd was that it did get crowded and backed up in the first mile
but soon that was no issue. If you have a problem with that you need to consider that when lining up.

The two things that stand out the best are this.

First, NO heat headache at all in the warm second half. It seems many times when its over 90 I get a headache from the heat (only at bt50k).

Second, in the second half , although not fast I still pursued and raced down anyone I could in front of me. I passed about 14 people in the second half and only two of those passed me back.

I climbed pretty easy most of the way due to my Colorado experience. I finally noticed that in 2003 some boy scouts re-did the stair case going up the reverse way n blue hen falls as there used to be to many
metal spikes sticking up on that staircase.

The course was dry and hard so lots of roots stuck out more than ever. There was no place you had to get your feet wet and some streams where not streams at all.

Maybe the coolest thing was that one area in the first section that is a long strip of 14 inch wide asphalt single track. The growth of the plants on each side where high enough to be as cool as laurel ferns. These where some kind of flowering weed that had a nice smell to it.

Support was great as usual. This year they also had the new huckle berry hamer gel which tasted great. The gourmet hamburgers and hot dogs at the finish where also good.

I had a triple stacked hamburger with 5 slices of tomato and two hot dogs at the finish. Needless to say I didn’t need diner when I got home.

Vince and an assistant DID carry one guy off the course to EMS. I hate to say I have never seen more gu wrappers and just the tips of the gu packs here and there but I am certain the “crew” will clean them up.

Of course , Bruce the Moose was there but I missed all the rest of you.

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