Weekend Racing

April 12, 2011 admin News

The running season is upon us and several NEO TC members were out and about getting some racing miles in.

Did you think the McNaughton Park Trail Ultras were over? Not so much. This was the second year the Skocaj (skitch-eye) Family continues the tradition of the race formerly known as The McNaughton Park Trail Runs. It has been renamed the Potawatomi Trail Runs. Roy Heger, although he has Massanutten just four weeks away, decided to go run 100 miles and finish 6th, in 27:56:09. Shannon Fisher completed her debut 50 mile at Potawatomi in 13:44:05.

The inaugural Glacier Trail Ultras in Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania was also on Saturday April 10. The weather was nice and cool and the trails were muddy. The mud did not bother Eric Deutsch as he finished the 50 Mile Race in 9:52:30.  Kim Love-Ottobre and Mike Halkovich participated in the 50K event, and finished in 8:06:34 and 8:57:50.

The Race Director’s Race was held at Mohican State Park, Ohio on Sunday, April 11.  This is Rob Powell’s event for the volunteers for the “Forget the Pr” 50K to run the race course a week prior to the race.  Kim Love-Ottobre, Bob Combs, Jim Harris, Paul Lefelhocz, and Don Baun were NEO TC members who participated, although only Don Baun and Paul Lefelhocz actually completed the 50K distance.

Congratulations to all who raced this weekend!

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