NEO Trail Member Spotlight: Bill Losey

February 10, 2011 admin News

Bill Losey is one of the founding members and Vice President of NEO Trail Club. Bill took a break from snowboarding to answer the NEO Trail questions:

Why do you run trails? The sights, the sounds, the one with nature. They are softer and hurt less than roads. I love the mountains, mountain life and mountain people. They are real, all things mountains don’t lie. .

How did you first hear/get involved with NEO Trail? I’ve been NEO Trail since the beginning. Sometimes trail talk turns into reality. I think YUTC was and is the driving force behind our club.

Do you have a trail name? Can you share it with us and tell us where it came from? Shubi is my trail name. It comes from Gombu during a snowy trek to one of our many ultras in VA

What do you do to pay for the trail shoes? I steal them, it sucks because most of the time I only get right foots or lefts but eventually they all fit. I work in restaurant management. I work to live, not the other way around.

What’s your favorite trail to run? Mill Creek Park (so many miles training and always enjoy the company when I make it home): MMT (so many man up memories), Laurel highlands, Colorado trail before twin lakes, Kentucky Arches course, Any trail in Frozen Head, Angeles Crest, Mt. baden-powell; San Diego 100 seeing the rattlesnake, Catawba near the finish when Bob did the HTE. (haha hilarious); Three sisters in Evergreen CO, The Grand Canyon because of the change in colors. The Reverse Ring the snow year, making freshies for miles, The Ring coming down Signal Knob with DeWalt and Combs; Stone Steps 50k course.

What is your most memorable race? disclaimer( very rarely do I race, I do like to run though)
1. Kissing the Hardrock
1a. Laurel Highlands 70 miler with a swollen ankle from the night before. Damn you english Saab.
1aa. First MMT finish, I cried three times and wanted to DNF 4 or five.
1aaa. The Bear 100, Airlines lost my luggage and I had to buy everything brand new the day before the run/very stressful.
1aaaa. Last years MMT, slept a few hours after throwing up numerous times and was 5 minutes to cut off and still finishing.
1 aaaaa. Late night on the Wasatch course with Bob.
1 aaaaaa And pacing Bob at Hardrock the year Peter did his rockhard/hardock.

What are your goal races for the 2011 season? Run happy, run often and enjoy the moment. 1. MMT(#5) 2. Barkley fun run 3. Hardrock 4 Cascade crest 100. See new trails, meet new people
What is your dream race? now, Ultra Trail du Monte-Blanc has been on the radar for the last year, so my guess, I will probably run that in 2012, all the people is gonna suck but France, not so much. Dreams: Barkley 100 finisher.

Any advice you could give someone just starting out to the dirt side of running? Have fun, get dirty, don’t get caught up in time. It is all relative. Push your limits, push yourself, then you will be a better person. Talk to the vets at the runs, they are open/honest and true people who have tons of wisdom, I have learned so much from listening to Johnny DeWalt that it makes my runs more enjoyable. The vets have a passion for this and that is the common ground. Trail running is a laid back sport with great people. Pick a run, enjoy the training and enjoy the ride.

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