Oil Creek Trail Runs THIS Weekend!

October 7, 2009 Jim Harris News

Several NEO Trail members are traveling across the border to Pennsylvania’s Oil Country this weekend to participate in the inaugural Oil Creek Trail Runs. Distances vary from the 50K, 50 Miler, and the 100 Miler. Runners will be headquartered at the Titusville Middle School which will serve also as the start/finish and Aid Station #4.

Participation of NEO Trail Members are as follows:

50K: Dan Bellinger, Mark Anson

50 Miler: Tanya Cady, Brian “Pebble” Musick

100 Miler: Jim “Slim” Harris, Bob “Gombu” Combs, Nick “Admiral” Billock, Dan Kuzma, Kim “Kimba” Love-Ottobre, Donald Baker, Rich “Professor” Verbonic, Andy “Doc” MacGinnitie

If I missed your name above, please let me know and I will add you. It’ll take me awhile to learn who all is a member of NEO Trail.

Map to Titusville Middle School If you follow this link and look at the satellite image, you can clearly see the woods south of the school. This is Oil Creek State Park. Each loop is approximately 31 miles. The 100 milers will do this loop 3 times plus a final separate loop of 7.75 miles to finish up the 100 miler. 100 milers will have 32 hours to complete the distance.

If you’re participating or in town, you are welcome to join us at the Blue Canoe Brewery at 3pm on Friday for some final carb-loading before packet pickup and the pre-race meeting and pasta dinner.

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