Covered Bridge FA 50K

March 9, 2009 admin News

On Saturday, NEO Trail hosted its annual Covered Bridge FA 50K at Mill Creek Park. There was a great turnout of 16 people including 11 NEO Trail Club members. Members present were (miles next to name):

  • Bob “Gombobu” Combs (16)
  • Nick Billock (31)
  • Don Baun (31)
  • Joe “Moose” Novicky (31)
  • Brian “Little Pebble” Musick (31)
  • Bruce “The Moose” McMurray (20)
  • “Slim” Jim Harris (38)
  • Lloyd “LT” Thomas (31)
  • Lifetime member Dave Peterman (38)
  • Courtney Baker (22)
  • Jeff “RO” Musick (20)

A great time was had by all despite the rain (and thunder…and lightening…and mud…Oh my!). Jim Harris and Courtney Baker (pictured below) won the Men’s and Women’s division of the Ohio FA 50K Championship, respectively.

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