100 Hills 50K

The 100 Hills 50K is the 3rd version of an Ultra that involves the Monkey Hills at Mill Creek Park.  Todd Hanks suggested it based on Dan Kuzma’s pretzel loop.  It is a figure 8 course that routes around the Monkey Hills and across the bottom.  If you park at the Steel Suspension Bridge at MCP, and then take the trail at the south-east corner of the parking lot and head east up the hill, then when you intersect the MHM course, then hang a right and take the trail down to the bottom of Pinball Ridge.  Then take another right and head across the field back to the parking lot and where you parked.  Then head up the same trail you started on and then when you intersect the MHM course hang a left and head all the way to the north end of the MHM course.  Then go right toward Pot Smoker’s corner and when you get to the stream hang a left and head back to the parking lot on the wide path that parallels the stream.  That is one loop.

Here is the route.
100 Hills 50K Route

25 loops will get you a 50K distance and 100 hill climbs on the course.

Heath Harris
Jim Harris

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